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when you have to go around the circle and introduce yourself to the group


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I just don't like chicken nuggets, they don't do it for me.

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I can’t! OH MY GOD!

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Daughter tells her Dad he’s going to be a Grandpa [x]

When he says “really” ;’)

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my heart is not okay.. I’m about to cry

I cried already.

That’s frickin adorable

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My new sounds:

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I Don’t Want To Be Your Boy (Troyler Fanfic)

"Tyler?" Troye called out from his bedroom.
“Yes Troye?” Tyler responded.
“Would you come here please?” Troye called out again.
“Ugh…this better be important. This gurl can’t be doing all this exercise” Tyler half grumbled, half yelled in annoyance.
Tyler entered Troye’s dark, but peaceful bedroom, and plopped down on the bed.
“So what do you want, punk?” Tyler said in annoyance, checking his Twitter feed.
Troye looked at him, and looked away.
“Just sit down and be quiet” Troye said. Tyler huffed in annoyance, but obeyed. Troye started up a slow instrumental and began singing.

I don’t want to your boy no more, noooo whooaaa, and I just wanna see your face at home…cause I’m not living right, so I decide that I don’t wanna be your boy no more, nooooo whooooa more

Tyler sat up, with tears in his eyes. “Wow, that was beautiful. You literally slayed me.” he said with a fake dramatic fall back onto Troye’s bed. Troye jumped on top of Tyler, “…it’s the way I feel about you..” Troye blurted out. He slowly grabbed Tyler’s wrists and pulled them up above his head.

“I know you say I’m too young for you, *legal*, but too young for you…but I know you want this as badly as I do” Troye said. Tyler was in shock, he couldn’t believe what was happening. “I-“, Tyler was cut off by a passionate kiss from Troye.

"If you really don’t want this to happen…I’ll understand" Troye said with sadness in his eyes. He slowly started to let go of Tyler when Tyler surprised him and pulled him back down. Tyler pulled Troye’s dark brown quiff and Troye pulled Tyler’s, now lavender hair. Hair pulling from both sides, the moans start to ease out of the both of them. Tyler’s breathing quickens, as Troye places kisses along Tyler’s neck and collarbone. Tyler’s glasses begin to fog up, Troye takes them off and places them on the side table.

Both of them wanted to go further but knew it was too soon. Neither one wanted to risk their friendship, so they continued to fool around not going any further than teasing each other.

They finished fooling around, and laid down cuddling each other.
“Tyler?” Troye asked, rubbing away the sleep in his eyes.
“Yes, Troye” Tyler said, half sleepily, half aware.

"I want you to know I care about you — I love you Tyler. I always have and I always will" Troye said softly before placing one final kiss on Tyler’s forearm, that held him.

"And I love you Troye, always will, always have" Tyler said back, placing one final kiss on Troye’s shoulder blade.

They drifted off to sleep, peacefully, satisfied, and in love.

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Jay talking about the April Fools prank

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